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Whether public or private sector, Enterprise Car Share has solutions to bolster your business - from eliminating the cost and administrative burden of company cars or mileage reimbursement, to working with you on a development proposal or enhancing your green credentials.

We'll work with you to create the right bespoke solution to best meet your transport needs. In doing so we can give you access to our ‘virtual’ fleet of 1,400+ vehicles parked right across the UK as well as give you exclusive access to dedicated vehicles at your premises. Alternatively, we can give you a blend of both giving you your own wheels and access to our network.


Business Travel

Now on Your Terms
with Enterprise Car Share

Enterprise Car Share saves hundreds of businesses time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming company cars, taxis and mileage reimbursement (grey fleet) with access to self-service vehicles. Find out how you might benefit from centralised billing, bespoke vehicle access and discounted retail rental rates.


Local Authority

Helping You Lead the Way  
in Sustainable Travel

Contribute towards reducing congestion and improving local air quality by encouraging sustainable and economical travel amongst authority staff and residents.

We already work with more than 40 local authorities, councils and other partners in the transport industry to provide car share services in cities and communities across the UK, find out how we can help you.


Property Developers

Supporting Your Project
From Draft to Development

Whether you are a property developer, housing association or travel planner, Enterprise Car Share is the first choice for any organisation looking to implement a car share.

Our dedicated property development account managers have experience in planning and implementing car shares for a variety of developments ranging in size and location.


NHS Trust

Helping You Meet 
Your Travel Needs

Working with NHS Trusts around the UK, Enterprise Car Share is transforming the way staff travel to meet the needs of their communities, whilst minimising the impact on the local environment and ensuring economical efficiencies.

Explore the benefits of Enterprise Car Share can bring to your staff, the community and the Trust.


University Administrators

Driving Success

Enterprise Car Share is a great resource for both staff and students alike, giving you access to alternative sustainable transportation in and around your local campus, city and surrounding area.

As rental is possible from 19 years old and is possible on an hourly pay-as-you-go model, car rental has never been more affordable and accessible.

Explore how we can benefit staff and students.



Central Government

Approved Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Many CCS organisations already leverage Enterprise Car Share to drive corporate travel savings which not only ease the burden on the public purse, but also help the Government to meet electrification and air quality targets with access to hybrids and electric vehicles.

Enterprise Car Share sits on Lot 2 & Lot 7 – UK National Car Share – of the CCS Vehicle Hire framework.


Enterprise Travel Direct

Choosing the right transport
for every journey

To help organisations of all sizes manage employee mobility more effectively, we’ve developed Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD), an intelligent decision tool that helps drivers select the right transport option for every journey.




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